Are you interested in being a
US accountant?

Are you interested in being a
US accountant ?

Let us guide you through the process.

U.S. CPA License
unlike other accounting qualifications

Global recognition & diverse opportunities from 
Accounting firms.
U.S. companies operating globally.
Companies listing on U.S. stock exchanges.

75% of its members will retire in the next 15 years.

U.S. GAAP and Tax

Reciprocity with CIMA and other accounting professional bodies (e.g. Canada, Australia & New Zeland, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong…).

Steps to become a CPA

Academic evaluation meeting the educational requirements.

Apply to take the CPA Exam.
Submit your application.

Apply to take the CPA Exam.
Submit your application.

Study for the exam.

  • Create your study plan.
  • Study.

Schedule the exam

  • Receive Notice-to-Schedule (NTS).
  • Schedule exam with Prometric.

Schedule the exam

  • Receive Notice-to-Schedule (NTS).
  • Schedule exam with Prometric.


  • Take the exam, including the ethics exam.
  • Obtain work experience.
  • Apply for licensure.


  • Candidates need to meet a minimum education background before applying for the exam
  • Very among different States & U.S. Jurisdictions.
  • General Rule:
    • 150 credit hours (5 year college education), within which 24 accounting and 24 businesss credits.
    • Bachelor degree or higher.
  • Some States allow candidates to sit for the exam with less education, and subsequently require candidates to “top up” to the full education requirements for license application, after they have passed all the exams.
  • Non-U.S. education must be evaluated by and approved foreign academic evaluation agency designated by BOA, to ensure the education is U.S. equivalent. The most common agency is NASBA International Evaluation Services

U.S. CPA Exam Highlights

Computer based, on-demand exam, available throughout the year.

Exam held in U.S. territories and a few international locations.

Mostly objective-based questions (MCQ and TBS).

Task Based Simulation (TBS).

  • Short Questions / Cases.
  • Research Based Simulation.
  • Written Communication Test.

100% Computer graded including written communication test.

75% to pass (MCQ 50%, TBS 50%.)

Exam score for each section expires after 18 months, or repeat the section expired.

Becker CPA

  • Study any time, anywhere (Mobile ready)
  • Exam Focused and Up-to-date Content
  • Expert Instruction – Concepts and Simulation
    • Concept Lecture
    • Skill Builder Video
  • Software with resources that replicate the content and functionality of the CPA Exam
    • Homework (MCQ and Simulations)
    • Unlimited Practice test
    • 3 Simulated Exams per part



24-month access

  • 4-Part Review course
  • Printed & digital textbooks
  • Digital flashcards



Unlimited access

  • Everything in the Advantage package, plus:
    • Access to CPA Exam success coaches
    • Live Online classroom scheduling option